Year 12 Charity Skydive


This weekend thirteen intrepid Year 12 students added their names to the elite squadron of 95 previous Latymerians who have skydived for charity. They were led by the History Department’s veteran skydiver, Mr Bladon, and Ms de Brouwer from the Maths Department, both of whom are Year 12 tutors.

The team assembled at Latymer at 5am on Sunday. Their journey took them 90 miles from W6 to The Fens and then 2 miles up into the sky.  Attached to their instructors, and all in the name of charity, they parted company with the aircraft and plunged for a mile in 30 seconds, hurtling through cloud and towards the ground at 125mph.

Latymer skydiving started back in 2001. Mr Bladon says ‘It’s a day they’ll never forget, but just as importantly it has also raised £19,500 for various charities since we began.’ Between them, this year’s students have so far raised £2,000 for M-Lisada and we are genuinely so grateful to everyone who sponsored us. In October, the school is taking several of its students – including Sofia, Radha and Lucas who participated in the skydive – to Kampala in Uganda to learn for themselves how this organisation is helping to change the lives of young people and how their fundraising is helping this work.”


Author: carolineroberts

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