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The school day at Latymer starts with dedicated tutor time at 8.25am – lessons begin at 8.55am.  A 75-minute lunch break gives pupils plenty of time for extra-curricular clubs and sports.  Co-curricular sports training, drama and music rehearsals run after the school day has finished at 4pm.

There are 35 teaching periods in the week, each of 45 minutes, but unlike many schools, our timetable is spread over two weeks. This system accommodates double periods of 90 minutes for some subjects, allowing pupils to really immerse themselves in their subjects.

Autumn term 2020Date
Bank holidayMonday 31 August
Staff INSEDTuesday 1 & Wednesday 2 September - school closed to pupils
Term beginsThursday 3 September
Merit half12pm Friday 16 October (after Founder's Day service)
Half termMonday 19 - Friday 30 October
11+ exams for external candidatesWednesday 25 November (school closed to pupils)
Term endsFriday 11 December
Spring term 2021Date
Staff INSEDMonday 4 January - school closed to pupils
Staff INSEDTuesday 5 January - school closed to pupils
Term beginsWednesday 6 January
Half termMonday 15 - Friday 19 February
Term endsWednesday 31 March
Easter WeekendFriday 2 - Monday 5 April
Summer term 2021Date
Staff INSEDMonday 19 April - school closed to pupils
Term beginsTuesday 20 April
Bank holidayMonday 3 May
Staff INSEDFriday 21 May (school closed to pupils, except exam candidates)
Half termMonday 31 May - Friday 4 June
Activities WeekMonday 28 June - Friday 2 July
Term endsThursday 8 July
Autumn term 2021Date
New staff induction INSEDTuesday 31 August (school closed to pupils)
Staff INSED dayWednesday 1 and Thursday 2 September (school closed to pupils)
Term beginsFriday 3 September
Merit halfFriday 15 October (after Founder's Day service)
Half termMonday 18 October -
Friday 29 October
Term endsFriday 17 December
Spring term 2022Date
Staff INSEDMonday 10 January (school closed to pupils)
11+ entrance exam Tuesday 11 January (school closed to pupils)
Term beginsWednesday 12 January
Half termMonday 14 - Friday 18 February
Term endsWednesday 30 March
Summer term 2022Date
Staff INSEDTuesday 19 April (school closed to pupils)
Term beginsWednesday 20 April
Bank holidayMonday 2 May
Staff INSEDFriday 20 May (school closed to pupils)
Half termMonday 30 May - Friday 3 June
Activities weekMonday 27 June - Friday 1 July
Term endsThursday 7 July

Please note that whilst pupils are not required to be in school for INSED days, there are rare occasions when school trips will be leaving or returning on these dates.

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