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We welcome applications from pupils at a range of primary and preparatory schools to join Latymer Upper School in Year 7.

To find out more about joining our school in Year 7, go to our 11+ virtual Open Day.

Registration for 11+ entry in 2021 is now closed. Registration for 11+ entry in 2022 will open in May 2021. 


We are mindful that pupils have already had a very disrupted experience of Year 5 and we want to do all we can to minimise the impact that any further government restrictions might have on their exams and interviews.  In response to Covid-19, we are making some changes to our admissions process this year. 

The entry process

The changes we are making are designed to make this process as straightforward as possible for children and their families, whilst prioritising the health and wellbeing of all candidates.

We also remain committed to an assessment procedure that is fair and focuses on academic potential as well as attainment.

Please note that the changes to our admission process will apply for this year only.

What are the changes to the 11+ admissions process for September 2021 entry? 

This year, every child applying to Latymer Upper School for 11+ entry in September 2021, will be required to take the ISEB Common Pre-Test.  This is a respected and widely used online test for children moving from primary or prep schools to selective secondary schools.  This decision has been made after extensive consultation across the sector and in agreement with other leading independent schools.

The tests assess the English and Mathematics content covered in the National Curriculum up to the end of Year 5 as well as verbal and non-verbal reasoning. We will be focusing on the English and Maths results as these are the two subjects that we would normally use to assess candidates. The ISEB English and Maths tests are a shorter and simplified version of our usual entrance exam which we feel will go some way to compensate for the disruption to teaching and learning that children experienced in Year 5   as well as the fact that they will be sitting the tests a few weeks earlier than usual.

When will the assessment be taken?

We have taken the decision, along with other independent schools, to move the exam forward to November/December 2020. This enables us to significantly reduce the risk of disruption from further restrictions and gives candidates an opportunity to sit an exam that we can then use to assess them. 

Where candidates are sitting the test in their own school, we have asked schools to enable pupils to sit the test no later than Saturday 5 December, with individual schools having the freedom to choose a date and time which best suits them.

Any candidates unable to sit the test in their own school can come to Latymer Upper School on Wednesday 25 November or Saturday 5 December. 

We are working closely with several other local independent schools so that candidates are only required to sit the ISEB tests once, regardless of the number of schools, using ISEB, to which they are applying.  We hope that the collegial approach taken by several independent day schools in the area will significantly reduce the overall number of entrance examinations that children are required to sit.  It should also enable all schools involved to support the welfare, health and safety of applicants and reduce their need to travel to a number of different senior school sites.

To enable us to fully consider every application, we ask that all candidates have sat the assessment no later than Saturday 5 December, irrespective of where they sit it.

11+ timetable

June 2020Registration opens on this website
Monday 2 November 2020Deadline for submission of documents for a means-tested bursary (candidates must be registered by 9 October 2020)
NovemberLatymer Upper School will write to your child's current school for a reference
Wednesday 25 November 2020ISEB Common Pre-Test at Latymer Upper School
Saturday 5 December 2020ISEB Common Pre-Test at Latymer Upper School
Thursday 17 December 2020Decisions sent to all candidates following test, with interview information for those being interviewed
Tuesday 5 January 2021 Interviews for selected candidates
Saturday 30 January 2021Music scholarship auditions
Friday 12 February 2021Results sent via email
Friday 5 March 2021Deadline for all responses

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Team via the details below. 

Admissions Team 020 8148
Mrs Laura CottrellDirector of Admissions & Bursaries020 4522 8493
Mrs Kerry WilsonAdmissions Registrar020 8148 4516
Ms Máiréad LynchAdmissions Registrar020 8148 4517
Miss Storm KingstonAdmissions Assistant020 8148 4518

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