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At Latymer Upper School we offer a number of scholarships based on excellence in a particular area of study. There are scholarships for applicants who stand out academically, as well as awards for Music, Drama, Sport and Art. 

Academic scholarships

Academic scholarships are offered at 11+. These normally consist of a one-off payment of £1,000 at the time of entry. At the Head’s discretion, a larger financial element may be awarded. No separate application is required for a scholarship and there is no separate scholarship examination or interview.

Music scholarships

A number of Music scholarships are available every year at 11+ and 16+. Candidates for Music scholarships must first meet the academic requirements for entry to the School. Music scholarships are awarded strictly on ability and potential as tested at audition by the Director of Music. 

The majority of music scholarships consist of a fee reduction of 10%, together with free tuition in two instruments, although there is also the Walter Legge Scholarship (available at 11+ entry) which can offer up to a 40% reduction. Those candidates not offered scholarships may sometimes be awarded a Music award comprising free tuition on two musical instruments. For entry at 11+, candidates should be at Grade 5 on their main instrument, for 16+ they should be at Grade 8.

Further information on Music scholarships can be found by clicking the link below.

Drama, Art and Sport scholarships

Scholarships in Drama, Art and Sport are offered at 16+ only. For further information please click the link below.


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