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The philosophy and ethos of our Academic Mentoring Department is based on the understanding that each pupil is unique. The concept of neurodiversity informs our thinking and we work with learning differences with an open, accessible, flexible and friendly approach.

The Academic Mentoring Department (AMD) is integral to the academic and pastoral structures of the school in Latymer Prep School as well as in the Upper School. Our long term involvement with some of the Prep’s pupils, who then move up to the Upper School, helps us to establish relationships which ease the transition of these pupils through the School.

Developments in neuroscience have given us a more profound understanding of human individuality. By using an informed and enlightened approach to our pupils’ learning and personal wellbeing, we are able to provide an education that will enable all our pupils to achieve the highest academic standards, at the same time as maintaining excellent mental health.

With a deep understanding of current thinking on learning differences, learning styles, multiple intelligences and mindsets, the AMD embraces a creative approach to teaching and learning, using assistive technology – iPads, laptops and a range of software – to enhance the academic work of pupils across the age range.

Academic mentoring scheme

A major development for our department has been the introduction of our Academic Mentoring scheme. This exciting innovation has greatly enhanced the work of our department.
The scheme operates before and after school where approximately 100 pupils and students participate during the course of a week. This has been highly successful with mentors and mentees deriving huge fulfilment from its personalised nature. Sixth Form students with particular abilities and interests in subject areas work closely with pupils throughout the age range on subject specific topics. This has become a vital part of the working of the department, providing an excellent opportunity for mentors and mentees to share knowledge and skills.

A consequence of this system has also been the confidence and expertise that the mentors have experienced as a result of participating in these sessions.

The department also runs study skills sessions using memory techniques, mind mapping, revision and exam techniques.

The Academic Mentoring department has a large staff, with full time teachers, teaching assistants and peripatetic tutors who work closely with academic departments. In this way we are able to enhance the learning of all our pupils.

And there’s plenty of fun to be had alongside the academic tasks! Our department also runs a number of weekly extra-curricular activities which are extremely popular, including Bridge Club (coached by international players), Origami, Go Club and Anime/Manga.

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