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Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of 21st century learners, drawing on influences as far back as Classical Greece, as well as those developed much more recently.

Unique courses of study

Making the most of the advantages of being an independent school, we have chosen what we see to be the best parts of the British education system, while looking elsewhere when we see better for our students. In-house courses such as the Global Goals course in Year 9, the externally accredited World Perspectives course at GCSE level, as well as our groundbreaking Electives courses at Sixth Form  demonstrate our commitment to thinking outside of the ‘educational box’ to challenge and excite our pupils.

We constantly monitor developments in external examinations, university courses and requirements, as well as the wider world in order to ensure that our curriculum continues to provide the best possible education for our students.

Underpinning everything we do, our Learner Profile ensures that what we teach, and how we do so, prepares the broader character and attributes of the young people in our care for life beyond school.


In the classroom, Latymer Upper School teachers are subject specialists who enjoy sharing their expertise to enthuse their students. They also have a profound understanding of how learning works, taking into account recent developments in neuroscience and psychology to optimise learning. They also use technology effectively to help students learn, with all students having the support of either an iPad or Chromebook to access the Google G Suite of applications that we have adopted across the School. Teachers are expected to reflect on their own learning and teaching practice, exploring different methodologies to ensure learning is maximised.

Ultimately, we know that top quality teachers are key to providing a top quality education for young people, which is why it is a top priority for us to recruit and nurture the best.

Latymer Teacher Profile


Learning in the 21st century

For our students, we know that the world they are entering is a dynamic one. Our aim is that, on graduating, each Latymerian will have developed the necessary dispositions and skills to be a lifelong learner, a global citizen and successful in adult life. We call these the ‘Latymer Habits’ which we use to inform how we teach and what we expect our students to become. Therefore, by the time they leave us, Latymerian graduates will:

  • be principled and responsible role models and influencers
  • have a ‘growth mindset’ that recognises intelligence and ability are not fixed but can be developed through effort combined with appropriate strategies and support
  • be confident in themselves, reflective, mindful and self-aware
  • show courage and resilience in the face of challenge, uncertainty and the unfamiliar
  • be open-minded and tolerant
  • show empathy with and compassion to others and have a commitment to action, service and charity
  • be curious and questioning, both intellectually and more generally about the world around them
  • be critical, creative, flexible, resourceful and reflective thinkers and problem-solvers
  • be hard-working and committed
  • be collaborative, eager to work with others to improve their learning, achieve shared goals, solve problems and assist and support each other
  • work independently
  • be information- and media-literate, and know how to research and evaluate information of different types and from different sources
  • have developed the skills of effective communication
  • be global citizens

Teaching and learning is supported by a high-quality, professional library at the heart of the school which caters for all, from the transition at Year 7 to Sixth Form university preparation. 

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