World class violinist Nicola Benedetti visits Latymer Upper School

Latymer was thrilled to welcome world-renowned violinist and former BBC Young Musician of the Year, Nicola Benedetti to the School this week.

The Recital Hall was packed to the brim with excited pupils from Latymer and local partner schools including London Oratory and neighbouring West London Free School, all of whom share a love of music.

Nicola gave her audience a fantastic insight into the world of an internationally acclaimed musician, with anecdotes from her time as a young student at The Yehudi Menuhin School, and advice on performing, explaining that whilst the need to become technically proficient is important, it is not the whole story. Making an emotional connection with the music and, in turn, the audience is vital she said, telling pupils: “make sure you don’t forget to be expressive whilst playing.”

Pupils and teachers were deeply moved by Nicola’s stunning, unaccompanied performances of Bach and Shostakovich. The session ended with a hauntingly beautiful rendition of Burns’ Auld Lang Syne.

Passionate about encouraging young musicians to play, Nicola has founded the Benedetti Foundation which she says: “will work with young people on building discipline, professionalism, concentration, and perseverance, as well as addressing the deeply important emotional, social, internal and psychological challenges young people face, through the act of conscientious music-making and collective activity.”

More information on the Benedetti Foundation can be found here: 

Author: sdd@latymer

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