US admits at all time high

Congratulations to all of our overseas applicants this year. From both Regular and Early applications to the US 14 students received a well-deserved 42 admit decisions including ten from the prestigious Ivy League Institutions. This reflects the very high calibre of the applications from Latymer students. 

A roll call of the admit decisions is as follows:

Babson (1), Bard (1), Boston University (1), Brown (1), Chicago (2), Claremont McKenna (1), Columbia (4), Dartmouth (1), Emory (1), Georgetown (2), Illinois Institute of Technology (1), NYU (2), Northeastern (1), Oberlin (1), Oklahoma (1), Penn (1), Princeton (1), Purdue (1), SMU (1), Stanford (1), Tufts (1), UC-Berkeley (1), UC-Irvine (1), UCLA (2), UC-San Diego (1), UC-Santa Barbara (1) UC-Santa Cruz (1), UT-Austin (1), UVA (2), Vanderbilt (1), Yale (2), Washington in St. Louis (1), Wellesley (1)

This is even more impressive as US admit rates across the board were again at record low levels; so for instance, Stanford admit rates fell to 4.7%, Harvard 5.2%, Princeton 6.1%, Yale 6.9%, Chicago 7.9% and Brown 8.3%. So this is no mean achievement from our Latymer students.

16 applicants to Canada received admit decisions from McGill (12), Ottawa (1), Toronto (4), University of British Columbia (3) and the following admits were received to universities in Europe: Bocconi (1), Erasmus University (1), Sciences Po (1).

We are very proud of all of our overseas applicants many of whom are now facing some very difficult choices!

Author: carolineroberts

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