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As they near the end of their time at Latymer, our Sixth Form students can start to look forward to the next exciting stage of their education.

Latymerians are encouraged to adopt an international outlook on life and so it is no surprise that some choose to study in Europe, Canada and the US when they leave the sixth form. So far 49 places have been offered to our pupils from such leading institutions as:

  • Ecole Polytechnique in France
  • Bocconi in Italy
  • Eindhoven, Groningen, Leiden and Tilburg in the Netherlands
  • McGill (9) and Toronto in Canada
  • Brown, CMC, Colby, Cornell, Dartmouth (2), Duke (2), Georgetown (2), GIT, MIT, Notre Dame, NYU (2), Pomona, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, Swarthmore (2), UC-Berkeley (3), UChicago (2), UCLA, UCSB, UPenn (2), UVA, Wesleyan (2) and Yale in the US.

Congratulations go to one of our Sixth Form students who has been awarded a scholarship for the Bachelor programme taught in English at Ecole Polytechnique. Adrian was ranked in the top 1% pool of several thousand applicants, which is a remarkable achievement.

Closer to home 29 Latymerians have offers from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge across a range of subjects – from Mathematics to Medicine, English to Engineering and PPE to Physics, and much in between.

Students have had great success in applying to Russell Group universities with an 85% offer rate on applications to Durham, an 88% offer rate from Bristol, a 100% offer rate from Exeter, Nottingham, Newcastle, York and Loughborough and an 84% offer rate from UCL.

Well done to all our Sixth Form students!

Author: carolineroberts

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