Top marks for Latymer Upper and Prep Schools in latest inspection

We’re proud to be able to share the latest ISI [Independent Schools Inspectorate] ‘Educational Quality and Compliance Inspection Report’ with our Latymer community. It’s extremely positive on all aspects of the education and pastoral care offered at Latymer Prep and Upper Schools – the full report can be read here.  The Educational Quality aspect of the inspection focuses on the two key outcomes:

  • The achievement of the pupils, including their academic development
  • The personal development of the pupils

The key findings of the report are:

The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements is excellent.

  • Pupils’ attainment and progress are excellent
  • Pupils demonstrate extremely advanced communication skills
  • Pupils’ attitudes and study skills are excellent
  • Pupils demonstrate and apply highly developed information and communication technology (ICT) skills

The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent.

  • Pupils demonstrate substantial self-confidence and a strong awareness of their personal development over time
  • Pupils show a keen appreciation, respect and support for the diverse nature of their community
  • Pupils are particularly mindful of looking after themselves both physically and mentally
  • Pupils contribute extremely positively and willingly to the school community and to society more broadly

Alongside excellent academic development, we are particularly proud that our Latymerians’ social awareness and good citizenship were noted by inspectors:

Pupils have an excellent awareness of the importance of contributing to others and the wider world. They contribute extremely positively and willingly to the school community and to society more broadly through the range of clubs, activities and charitable initiatives, many of which are pupil-led and initiated.”

“Pupils’ social skills are highly developed. They have excellent social awareness and interaction with others is of high quality. This is due to the strong culture and expectation of collaboration which exists throughout the school. These factors help pupils develop into considerate and empathetic young people as seen in the considerable pupil involvement in special days to celebrate world understanding.”

Author: carolineroberts

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