Sixth Formers excel in their EPQs

Congratulations to our Sixth Formers who have now completed their EPQ (Extended Project Qualification).

Over the past 15 months  our students have been working on either a 10,000 word dissertation or producing a physical artefact.  

“Its a chance for pupils to look into something that they have a passion about, at a much deeper academic level than they might be able to in their normal A levels,” says Helen Doyme,  Head of Extended Project. “The way that we do it at Latymer is fairly unique. We do it over 4  terms, with an initial 10 week course to foster the skills they will need to deliver their project and then after that, that’s when they move into the project writing phase or designing a product that fills a consumer need. As long as there is an element of debate and academic research behind it, it’s totally up to them, they have free choice which is why the titles we end up seeing at Latymer are so diverse.” 

“For over a decade we’ve been offering EPQ,” said Mr Emerson, Deputy head, Academic. “It sits perfectly alongside our educational philosophy as its a pursuit of genuine, passionate learning. It also gives students so many skills that prove invaluable for when they get to university; they know how to research properly, how to write academic work,  how to footnote, how to reference, how to present. Many of our alumni  write to us to say that they were able to get through university and their dissertation because they did EPQ at Latymer.” 

Watch this video to find out more.  

Author: carolineroberts

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