SAI International school visit

During their summer school trip to the UK, 12 students and two teachers from SAI international – one of the most high achieving schools in India – came to visit Latymer Upper School today. Our Year 9 students (Freya Sutaria, Olga Devine, Sasha Isman, Letty Galperin, Pietro Ferraresi, Jaime Chueca) were delighted to introduce them to our school, and we enjoyed listening to Alex and James’s masterful performances, on the piano and oboe respectively.

In turn, SAI International told us about their school (three campuses, 4000+ students) which has a lot in common with Latymer: equally academic, they put on an ‘Unwind’ week, are very sport-focused, host Ted-Sci talks and are globally-minded. Most remarkable are their Service projects, which range from collecting bedding for orphans’ cots, donating books for local schools, training teachers in library skills to handing out food and water to those in need after the devastation of cyclone Fani.

The students enjoyed chatting together over lunch and during their tours of the school. We are hoping to build on this visit by connecting our schools, possibly by working together on class projects, exchanges or other collaborations. We wish them a wonderful few days in London, and look forward to meeting their delegates at the International Round Square conference in India this autumn.

Author: carolineroberts

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