Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground Update – The Latymer Orchard

An Oasis for Nature and Biodiversity. 

Our latest Quintin Hogg Memorial Ground update features the wonderful and dedicated Latymer Orchard Society and others who have been working together to transform the Latymer Orchard, a once barren space in the North East corner of the ground, into a biodiverse haven. 

The team have been busy pruning for the year ahead, planting trees (Pear, Plum and Crab Apple in the mix!) and they’ve used the cuttings from the trees to create a dead hedge which will be both a wind-breaker and a biodiversity feature.  

The regenerated orchard will be a sanctuary where our Latymerians can relax and rejuvenate, and drive their own eco-initiatives and contribute to the welfare of our wonderful plants and animals.

It will be a place for learning, where students can see real-life examples of what they are studying in Biology and Geography whilst watching plants and flowers come to life.  Our Prep pupils will have cooking lessons with the fruit we’ve grown and collected from the orchard, and we’re also planning to make jams which will be made and sold at our fairs. 

All proceeds from what has been harvested will be going to Trips and Activities funds, so that all our students here at Latymer can participate, regardless of financial needs. An incredible eco-system for both our students and our environment. 

Coming Up

Some of our Latymer Prep pupils are so excited too to be going down to the grounds next week to build some bug hotels and hedgehog houses. 

Thank you so much to our supporters and volunteers who are giving so much to our community. 

If you can’t wait until then, do take a look at our FAQs

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Victoria Evans
Author: Victoria Evans

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