McGill University Talk at Latymer


We were delighted to welcome Karen J’bari, Senior Admissions Officer at McGill University, one of Canada’s most renowned research universities to Latymer Upper School.


Ms J’bari spoke to students from Latymer and our partner schools, about the academic programmes & the distinguished faculty across McGill’s departments. Students also learned about the wide range of extracurricular opportunities which make McGill not just a leading university in Canada, but in the world. 


The event is part of Latymer’s International Universities Programme, which sees admission representatives from universities around the world come to Latymer to talk to students to learn about what makes each university distinct and the opportunities it offers students more broadly. Through the programme of talks we ensure that our students, and those at our partner schools, are aware of the range of options available to them. 


We look forward to welcoming Professor Nir Hindi from IE University in Spain for our next event on 5th December.




Author: carolineroberts

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