Latymer’s Sixth Formers excel in their EPQ

Should the NHS continue funding prenatal screening for Down Syndrome?

Should the Northwest Passage be an International Water?

Is the influence of Confucianist ideology or the actions of the Chinese Communist Party a more significant obstacle to China’s democratisation?

These are some of the amazing titles that the Latymer Sixth Form pupils in this cohort submitted for their EPQ (Extended Project Qualification).

Congratulations to them all, who have excelled in their projects. 

In recognition of their dedication, our students recently received their meticulously crafted dissertations, encapsulating months of rigorous research and intellectual exploration.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) stands as a cornerstone of our Sixth Form curriculum, empowering students to delve into their passions, formulate probing research questions, and undertake comprehensive academic investigations. At Latymer, we offer both dissertation EPQ in which pupils answer their question through researching academic literature and artefact EPQ where pupils meet a consumer need by designing and making something.

This year, our students have astounded us with the breadth and depth of their inquiries, tackling diverse and thought-provoking topics that reflect their intellectual curiosity and academic prowess. As they embrace the challenges of independent study, they hone essential skills in academic research, analytical thinking, time management, and self-directed learning – skills that will serve them well in their future academic endeavors.

With pride, we announce the outstanding achievements of our EPQ cohort, with 69 students completing the course and garnering remarkable results:
  • 72% of pupils gaining an A*
  • 19% of pupils gaining an A
  • 9% of pupils gaining a B

“I’m really proud of this cohort of pupils and their teachers.  They have worked so hard on their projects and tackled some challenging and pertinent topics.  It has been a pleasure to support them in developing skills that I know will be invaluable in their future studies.” says Helen Doyme,  Head of Extended Project.

Click the link to read  more about Latymer’s Sixth Form Academic Programme

Watch this video to find out more about some of  the titles that the pupils submitted.


Victoria Evans
Author: Victoria Evans

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