Latymer’s Big Draw makes a welcome return

Latymer’s Art Studios were buzzing as pupils, alumni, parents and staff joined us for the 24th Big Draw day. 

“It’s been absolutely fantastic!” said J. “I’ve been coming since my son was in Year 7. He’s 31 now and for me this is such a lovely way to keep a connection with the school.” 

Amaya, a Year 7 pupil, who joined Latymer Upper School this September, came with her whole family. Her dad, Ben said: “I’m so pleased we came today! It’s been absolutely brilliant, we’ve all had a great time and can really feel the benefit. I haven’t drawn for 30 years and I’ve absolutely loved getting back into it.” 


The Big Draw is a firm fixture in every artist’s calendar and the return of this twice yearly  art extravaganza was very welcome after the hiatus of the past 18 months. “It’s felt like too long since we last did this,” said one dad, who earlier that morning had been pitchside watching his Sixth Former son play rugby. “This is the only opportunity I get to draw and it’s so good for the soul.”

“No experience is necessary at our Big Draw events,” said Head of Art, David Mumby, who organises the event. “People can come for as long as they like – many came for half an hour and ended up staying for the full six hours of life drawing.” 

Sasha, a Year 12 student said “It’s really relaxing, it helps to quieten your mind and it’s so lovely being surrounded by like-minded people. I really love it and so glad I came today.”

With the incredible atmosphere of calmness and creativity and David on hand to offer expert advice and support it’s not surprising this event draws so many to it.  We can’t wait for the next one in Spring! 

Author: carolineroberts

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