Latymerians in Charity Dream Fencing Competition

On Saturday 5th June Latymer students entered the Royal Holloway Mixed Charity Competition for Dream Fencing – an adult senior event, and a very difficult competition!

This was the first competition for Year 7s Josie and Maxi, who entered the foil. As the only under 16s, they were really put to the test. In the poule round Josie scored five points against much more experienced opponents to finish 5th. Maxi finished his poule 4th, having beaten three really tough opponents.

In the Direct Elimination round Josie was knocked out and finished the competition a respectable 11th. Maxi managed to get through to the last eight and finished a very respectable 7th in the the competition.

Latymer students Ellie (Y11) and Julia (Y9) entered the Epee. Both were in the same poule, with the standard of entries very high. Ellie finished her poule 5th and Julia finished her poule 4th, having beaten Ellie 5-3, and winning against UK top 100 Alex Moor.

In the Direct Elimination round Ellie was knocked out by the former Royal Holloway First Team member, to finish the competition 22nd out of 30. Julia was knocked out by the eventual silver medalist, finishing the competition 20th.

We’re so proud of all of our fencers who performed so brilliantly, fencing to the best of their ability and against tough opposition. They also helped to raise almost £500 for charity.

Author: carolineroberts

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