Latymerians have their ‘ion’ the prize at Chemistry Olympiad

Latymer Upper School’s Chemistry Department is celebrating some brilliant results at this year’s Chemistry Olympiad. 

Congratulations to Enrico (seen here in the left of the picture) who came in the top 9%, achieving Gold; to Matilda (pictured with Nikki below), Ellen and Sofia who came in the top 23% to take silver and Daniel and Nikki came in the top 33% achieving Bronze. 

“With over 8,500 entrants to this years Chemistry Olympiad, I am delighted that some of our students achieved such stunning results,” said Ed Forbes, Head of Chemistry. “These are excellent achievements in the Chemistry Olympiad which is designed to challenge and inspire, and is a unique opportunity for students to push themselves further and excel in the chemistry field. A huge thank you to Mr Paul for guiding and preparing our top Chemists for this challenge.”

The UK Chemistry Olympiad is the leading chemistry competition for secondary students across the British Isles.

Author: carolineroberts

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