Latymerians celebrate university offers

The launch of our Higher Education microsite today marks the formal beginning of applications for degree courses at university and similar opportunities for our Lower Sixth.

For our Upper Sixth students, it has been another successful year with their university applications, despite the challenges of the pandemic. 

Congratulations to our Year 13 student, Ariana, who has secured a place on the prestigious Huntsman Programme at the University of Pennsylvania. 

The Huntsman Programme in International Studies & Business is a unique undergraduate dual degree programme in language, the liberal arts and business, jointly administered between the Wharton School and the College of Arts and Sciences at UPenn. It supports the development of globally-minded scholars who go on to become leaders in a wide variety of sectors. Just 50 students are enrolled on this extremely selective programme each year from the many thousands who apply. Ariana is the first Latymerian ever to win a place on this programme and we are incredibly proud of her achievement.

Simon Lewis, Latymer’s Head of International University Applications said: “What Ariana has done is truly remarkable. This is one of the most well respected and competitive programmes in the world. 

“Every year Latymer Upper School students enjoy great success with their university applications, not only at Oxbridge, Russell group universities and the UK’s most prestigious music and art schools, but increasingly at leading universities globally.” Simon continued. “Over the last few years there has been an upward trend in terms of students applying abroad. This year, 1 in 4 Latymerians applied to an overseas university, an increase of almost 50% on last year.” 

Since 2017, over 70 Latymerians have chosen to pursue a higher education overseas, representing about 10% of each year group. The US (54 students) remains the most popular destination, with Latymerians enrolling at highly selective colleges there, including 25 who have enrolled at Ivy League colleges: UPenn (6), Yale (5), Columbia (5), Brown (3), Harvard (2), Princeton (2), Dartmouth (1), and Cornell (1). Significant numbers have also enrolled at other leading research universities and liberal arts colleges, including UChicago (4), Stanford (4), Georgetown (4), NYU (4), Pomona (2) and Claremont McKenna (2). Outside of the US, Canada and Europe enjoy significant student interest too, with McGill (5) and Bocconi (4) leading the way. Post-Brexit, Ireland is increasingly popular as a university destination, as UK students will continue to pay EU fees. This year, 15 Latymerians applied to Trinity College Dublin.

From our class of 2020, 29 won places at Oxbridge with the majority going to Russell Group universities with St Andrew’s, Bath and Sussex (non-Russell Group) also popular and several student earning places at the leading Art Foundation Colleges. 

“We are proud that the vast majority of Latymer Upper students gain their first choice places,” says Simon. “The range and breadth of the courses that Latymer students go on to study at University is testament to the ethos of ’rounded and grounded’ that is part of our DNA.” 

Last year our students went on to study a broad range of courses including, Film & English at Bristol, Maths at Warwick, Physics at Durham, Medicine at Imperial, Percussion at the Royal College of Music, Art Foundation at Kingston and Liberal Arts at Brown and Yale. For more information about Latymerians go on to study, visit our destinations map here or our latest School Profile

Author: carolineroberts

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