Latymerian becomes Youth Mayor for Hammersmith & Fulham

My name is Scarlett Knowles and I am the new Youth Mayor for Hammersmith & Fulham. I have been interested in this since I was in Year 6 when I decided I wanted to be the Prime Minister, ( I don’t anymore!). However, I am very passionate about the rights of every person and Latymer has cultivated that passion into opportunities, to help to change the lives of others and give back to my community. I became involved through trying out for the School Council and really enjoying it. With my close friend Fede becoming the Youth Mayor, she took me to my first youth council session last year and I immediately fell in love with it. 
Being Youth Mayor is a challenging role within the borough. I will create a manifesto and, with the rest of the Youth Council, spend the next year working towards completing this. I am acting as a figure head for young people in our borough and I will concentrate my efforts on mental health and knife crime. This will be to bring awareness to the borough and a larger sense of community, I am very excited for the upcoming year.

By Scarlett Knowles, Year 10

Author: carolineroberts

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