Latymer through to Knockout Stage of Hans Woyda Mathematics Competition 2022-23

Hans Woyda is an annual, challenging Mathematics competition, in which more than 60 schools in London compete, starting off in 16 Leagues of 4 teams. 

Each team consists of four players: one from Years 7-9, one from Years 10-11, one in Year 12 and one in Year 13. Students compete both individually and in teams, answering questions on geometry, algebra, calculus and mental arithmetic under timed conditions.

The Latymer Upper team, comprising of Tianyou (Y9), Robyn (Y11), Quyll (Y12)and Sofia (Y13), has made it through the group stage – beating teams from St Paul’s Girls’ School, St Paul’s Boys’ School and Godolphin and Latymer (dubbed the ‘group of death’) – and have now beaten Haberdashers’ Boys’ School in the First Knockout Round to go through to the Quarter Finals.  

Group stage

Round 1 of the group stage took place at Godolphin and Latymer. Latymer Upper got off to a strong start in the Starters section, and maintained their lead in the Geometry and Team sections. Godolphin and Latymer had a strong team, and narrowed the lead in the final Race section. In the end the result was close, with Latymer Upper scoring 36 points and Godolphin scoring 32.

The next match was against St Paul’s Girls’ School. Latymer maintained a consistent lead throughout and shone in the Team Question. The highlight was Quyll winning their section of the Race Round with some quick modular arithmetic. In the end, the score was 55 to Latymer and 44 to St Paul’s Girls’. 

In the final round of the group stage, the team were away at St Paul’s Boys’ School. The whole team contributed to the victory with a final score of 51 to Latymer and 33 to St Paul’s – with Sofia (Y13) excelling on a tricky question involving composite functions. 

First Knockout Round 

In the First Round of the Knockout Stage we hosted Haberdashers’ Boys’ School at Latymer. The match was neck and neck until the very last, with Latymer surging to victory in the race round. The final score was 52-43, and the team are now through to the Quarter Finals. This match will take place at Latymer against Highgate. 

“All four Latymerians should feel immensely proud of their performances so far. Everyone has been respectful throughout and enjoyed the matches; they’ve demonstrated a great team spirit and energy,” said Mr Conlan, Latymer Mathematics Teacher.  

Author: carolineroberts

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