Latymer Shorts – One Minute Film Awards 2019

A fantastic array of creativity was on display this evening, during Latymer’s inaugural ‘Latymer Shorts – One Minute Film Awards’ ceremony. Our budding film-makers and their families were treated to a screening shown in the Recital Hall which now doubles as a cinema. Thanks to a generous donation the space is now equipped with professional kit including a full-size

screen and state-of-the-art projection and surround-sound.

Each of the 30 shortlisted one-minute film entrants from nine categories was shown, after which the nine winners were announced. From the last nine, three were picked as overall winners, representing the Lower School, Middle School and Sixth Form.  

Our judges, Latymer Governor and film producer Tracey Scoffield, Latymerians, actor Tom Hanson and Mail on Sunday film critic Matthew Bond were hugely impressed by the originality of the content as well as the quality of the editing and skilful use of music in all the films on show.

The winners were thrilled when, as part of their prize, the Head, David Goodhew gave them a day off school in early January to attend of London Short Film Festival events with Mr Bohane, Latymer’s Film and Media Manager. 

Well done to all our entries!  The shortlisted films (winners in bold) and categories are listed below and can be seen here:

Winning films

Runner-up films


  • The Hoop – MaxPriestley, Maxi Reinstein, Ghaith Al Najjar
  • Let’s go – George Browne & Jakob Barton
  • Yes I can – Bea Nicholson & Beanie


  • The Amateur Director – Hakan Erder
  • Dear Piper – Claire Li
  • Tears of Moonlight – Miku Ikeda-Macdermott & Rebecca Alishaw


  • STAFF – A Day of Electricity – Mr Thompson Physics Teacher
  • Sink or Swim – Louis Philpott
  • Scared To Be Lonely – Alexandra Melnikova & Marion Bourrier
  • Journey – Olivia Nicholls

Documentary  – Wildlife

  • STAFF – Wonders of the Maldives – Mrs PogonowskaPhysics Technician
  • Bees – Josi & Maxi Jen
  • To Swim like a Sea Lion – Hannah Lynch
  • An Elephant – Emily Pegler

Documentary – Travel

  • The Journey Home – Jaisal Ahmadullah
  • China – James Ward
  • Summer in Mexico  – Emilio Nelson


  • Climate Justice Protest March – Sumi Iwamura
  • Silenced – Sonny Wootton
  • Calais – Ali Hadji-Heshmati & Hipolit Hodges, Mr Jon Monk

Action & Sports

  • STAFF – Cycling to Work via Richmond Park – Mr. Szymanski Biology Technician
  • Latymer’s Rowing Champions 2019 – Daniel Orton
  • Beaches – William Wray
  • Provence Activities Week 2019 – Sumi Iwamura

Foreign Language

  • What do Russians find strange about England – JuliaTsimelzon
  • 尊重 (zūnzhòng) – Sam Snudden, Sharo Sriharan, Emilio Nelson
  • ОЛАДУШКИ (shadows) – Ben York & Sasha Albert


  • No-one to wipe away the tears – Anya Chaturvedi
  • Planet B – Louis Philpott & Pietro Ferraresi
  • Run!! – Bea Nicholson



Author: sdd@latymer

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