‘Latymer Shorts’ 1-minute Film Competition 2022

The Latymer Shorts 1-minute film competition 2022 concluded on October 13th with the 3rd annual screening and awards event in the Recital Hall. 18 shortlisted films were projected on the night with the filmmakers, their parents, fellow students and staff in attendance to enjoy the cinematic experience.  

Tracey Scoffield, Film Producer

One of the competition judges, film producer Tracey Scoffield was in attendance to share her expert reading of the filmmakers work and provide insight to the genres and filmic themes that had been explored. Tracey noted in particular the innovative approach to animation that many students had employed this year and the refinement of filmmaking craft on display in the films by the older students who were regular entrants to the competition. 

Latymer Shorts Judges 2022

Tracey Scoffield – Former Latymer Governor and Film Producer

Mr Luke Maxted – Teacher of English and the history of cinema elective for lower sixth

Matthew Bond – Latymerian and Film Critic

Mr Bohane, competition organiser said `Students are challenged to fill a 1-minute blank canvas with their own creative ideas by exploring their interests and technical skills within the mediums of digital audio, photography, video and graphics. It’s a real privilege each year to see our students revel in the challenge and deliver really exciting creative work that is both meaningful and unique to them. 

Special thanks to Mrs Collier our presenter and Tracey Scoffield for making it such a successful event.

This year’s winners:

  • ‘Tunnels of Destruction’ by Maximilian Y10
  • ‘Life Net’ by Pixie Y7
  • ‘Sri Lanka’ by Vihaan Y8
  • ‘The Reluctant Pencil’ by Sofia Y9
  • ‘But in a Fiction’ by Louis U6
  • ‘Space Friendship’ by Alexandra Y7
  • ‘Stars’ by Ines Y8
  • ‘Introduction to Bees’ by Mr Flavell *Winner of the staff prize

 To watch the shortlisted films click here

 Our thanks to all the staff and students who supported the competition.

Author: carolineroberts

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