Latymer membership of LFAC more vital than ever

Latymer Upper School is a proud member of The London Fee Assistance Consortium (LFAC) and supports the group’s ongoing ambition to raise awareness of the financial support available to students hoping to attend one of the top schools in London.

LFAC has existed for over a decade and the consortium website  provides key information on the 31 member schools’ admission policies and arrangements for fee assistance, as well as links to school websites for more information.

“Challenging misconceptions around the cost of independent education is more important than ever in a post COVID-19 and lockdown world,” says  David Goodhew, Latymer Upper School Head and LFAC Chair. “We understand that many more families find themselves in financially uncertain circumstances and may wrongly rule out considering an independent education as a possibility.  Even before the coronavirus pandemic, being able to afford school fees, fearing an unwelcome environment or predicting expensive extras (such as school trips or musical instrument fees) were some of the common misconceptions that prevented children receiving the education they deserved.”

As London’s leading fully co-educational school, with 1,200 boys and girls of individual characters, Latymer is not a ‘one size fits all’ school. ‘Modern’, ‘traditional’, ‘academic’, ‘caring’, ‘ambitious’ and ‘grounded’ are some of the words most commonly used to describe the School. Latymer is all of these things and more, focusing on both the academic achievement and the personal development of each and every pupil into well-rounded and caring citizens of the future.

There are two major points of entry for fee assistance, at 11+ and 16+. A number of bursaries are available at both points of entry every year, ranging from 25% of fees to 100% of fees, with the majority of awards made being full fees.

For more information on the support and assistance we may be able to offer, visit the bursary programme pages of our website. 

Author: carolineroberts

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