Latymer hosts 2024 TSBA Ceremony: The winners were…

Latymer hosts an ‘Elemental’ themed awards book award ceremony for the annual 2024 Trinity Schools Book Awards (TSBA).

A committee of school librarians organised the award. Over 170 students and staff from 12 schools attended with five of the shortlisted authors.

Photo from left to right: Natasha Bowen (author), Frances Hardinge (author), Jasper, Ann Sei Lin (author and TSBA winner), Idil, Teri Terry (author), Lili, Chloe Daykin (author).

TSBA Winners:

This year’s winners of the book awards, hosted by Latymer were:

Debut novel “Rebel Skies” by Ann Sei Lin.

YA thriller “Lies Like Wildfire” by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez.  

Lin’s Japanese-inspired fantasy is aimed at pupils in year 7+ and set in a world of sky cities and paper spirits.

The Trinity Plus Award, (aimed at YA readers in Year 9+), went to Alvarez’s compelling mystery. This book is about an out-of-control wildfire, accidentally started by a group of friends.  

A feature of the TSBA is its student competitions for best book reviews and creative responses. Prize-winning entries included: a hand-crank model of a swimming boy and a fish; a giant origami eagle made from photocopied pages of Rebel Skies; an illuminated jellyfish model and a crocheted, dragonfly-motif scarf.

Student Winners:

Latymerians came third in joint-prizes. Jasper created a sculpture of a shikigami core in response to Rebel Skies. Lili and Idil made their own version of Keltie’s dress and a sketchbook inspired by the graphic novel, The Girl from the Sea.

The prize-winning creative responses can be viewed on the TSBA’s YouTube channel.

Meeting the Authors:

After the ceremony, students enjoyed meeting the authors at the book-signing. These were: Natasha Bowen, Chloe Daykin, Frances Hardinge, Ann Sei Lin and Teri Terry.

Latymer Librarian, Terri McCargar said: “The TSBA is all about celebrating the power of reading and where it can take us. Through students’ thoughtful book reviews and truly creative responses, we get a little window into the magic that happens between a writer and a reader.”   

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Victoria Evans
Author: Victoria Evans

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