Latymer celebrates record GCSE results

  • 95% of all grades are 7-9 (equivalent to A*/A)
  • 62% of all grades are 9s (high A*)  
  • 75% of whole year group achieved all 7-9s grades
  • 29 students achieve straight 9s

GCSE candidates are celebrating record results which, even by the School’s high standards, are outstanding.

95% of all grades were at 7-9 (equivalent to A*/A), with 62% of those being 9s (A*s).  

Three-quarters of the year group (141 pupils) achieved all 7-9s (A*/As) with 29 students scoring all 9s. 

In key subjects such as Mathematics, 98% of all grades were 7-9 (A/A*) with 130 students achieving 9s; in English and English Literature over 94% of students achieved 7-9 grades, with 3 students – Arun, Ihsan and Hannah – receiving 100% in all their English Literature papers. Students studying Modern Languages did incredibly well with top marks (7-9s) in Mandarin and straight 9s in Italian, Japanese and Russian. In all three Sciences, over 95% of all grades were 7-9 and in Physics 73% of all grades were 9; in Computing 100% of all grades were 7-9s. 

Students have achieved this academic excellence whilst also enjoying success in sport, music and drama. For example:

  • Balthazar is a para-swimmer who has juggled his studies alongside training and competing at international championships with Team GB. He achieved all 9s, 8s and 7s (equivalent to A/A*s) in all his GCSEs. 
  • Like Balthazar, Alec has also had to balance his commitment to rowing with his studying. Earlier this month, he won two gold medals in the men’s pair event for the U19 Great Britain Team at the prestigious Coupe de Jeunesse event in Spain. This is the first time the men’s GB pair has won a gold medal at this event for 14 years and the first time in 16 years to take home the double gold! He tops off a golden Summer with 5 9s, 3 8s and a 6. 
  • Stella, who got all 8s and 9s in her GCSEs was also successful in achieving a Licentiate of Trinity College London (LTCL) diploma from Trinity College of Music, for cello. This is equivalent in standard to the final year recital of an undergraduate degree, which students would usually take at around 22 years old! 
  • Stella and her peer, Rhea, were also part of the Latymer team who did so well at the Linguistic Olympiad (UKLO) earlier this year. Rhea, who is also a Mensa competition winner, is one of the 29 Latymer students to achieve straight 9s this year. 
  • Dixie has successfully juggled her studies with both her theatre work and filming since she joined Latymer in Year 7. This year she was filming ‘The Essex Serpent’ whilst studying for her GCSEs, previously she appeared in ‘The Secret Garden’. She achieved all 9s, 8s and 7s. 

Head, David Goodhew commented: “I’m absolutely thrilled for our students and their parents. They have set a new school record with 95% of all grades being 7,8 or 9, which is equivalent to A*/A. and three quarters of the year group have achieved all 7s,8s and 9s. These incredible results come after so much uncertainty and turbulence over the last few years and I applaud our students for their resilience and hard work. My thanks also go to our staff for the amazing support they’ve provided as well as the inspirational and dedicated teaching.”

Author: carolineroberts

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