Tour du Mont Blanc

Day 5 – Friday 5 July

We made it! 66km trekked, with over 4,800 metres of ascent in four days. We started the day at 6am at our mountain refuge next to a glacier (over 2,000m up). Trekking down the valley towards Courmayeur, cloudless skies afforded us stunning views of Mont Blanc.

We celebrated at the finish line, pleased to have everyone, not only in one piece, but keeping up an impressive pace on the final day. The group have proven themselves to be worthy Alpinists! Next stop was the tunnel under Mont Blanc, taking us back to Chamonix in France. We are currently en route to Geneva Airport (Switzerland) and all being well we will reach our fourth country of the day safely and be back in our London beds by midnight. 

Best of luck to Mr Chataway, Head of Middle School, who will be running (!) the ultra Tour du Mont Blanc later this summer. A picture of the route’s distances and altitudes is attached. 

Day 4 – Thursday 4 July

We are back in the land of signal, having successfully ascended the Col de la Seigne yesterday. At 2,512 metres this is the highest point of our trip, and the highest point that any of the Latymer Activities Week trips reach.

It’s also the border between France and Italy, so we have exchanged our baguettes and cheese for risotto and strong coffee. The students have risen impressively to the many challenges that sun, snow, altitude and thousands of metres of climbing have brought. Having completed 51 out of 66 kilometres, the end is in sight. Just one more day to go! 

Day 3 – Wednesday 3 July

A quick missif as we are about to leave phone signal and Wi-Fi for around 48 hours. We are in great shape, currently half way up our ascent of the Col du Bonhomme (the Gentleman’s Col!). At 2,483 metres, it is hard work!

Beautiful weather and sensational views, though, are spurring us on. Tonight will be our first night experiencing life in a remote mountain hut above the snow line. 

Day 2 – Tuesday 2 July

Superb weather has blessed day one of trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc. It is hard work in the sun, ascending from Chamonix’s 1035m to today’s high point of the Col du Trictor at 2120m.

Cheese, Haribos and friendly cows have helped fuel the group’s positivity and impressive pace going up the hills! 


Day 1 – Monday 1 July

An easy-going travel day, with smooth connections leaving plenty of time to explore Chamonix and soak up the atmosphere of Alpinism. Our guide has briefed us for tomorrow’s first day of trekking, much cheese has been eaten and it’s soon to be quiz time. 

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