The Living Project

Day 1

Safely arrived at Great Hound Tor Farm in idyllic Dartmoor. Briefing done, bearings found and first Mindfulness session about to begin.


Day 2

Yoga at 6.30 am, followed by a 5km hike and cold water immersion, all preparation for our 24 hours in the Wild from Wednesday to Thursday.

Day 3

An early blog update from Dartmoor today because we are about to head off on Wild 24 and will be off grid until midday on Thursday. Here are pics of communal eating, football watching, and dawn yoga beneath Hound Tor.

Day 4

Wild 24 was challenging, exhilarating and inspirational. Photos below show scrambling over Greator Rocks, walking to camp, bedding down in bivvies, a very dewy dawn and early morning yoga.

Now back at the camping barn, which feels like the height of luxury after our stint living wild in basic conditions.


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