Surfing in Cornwall

Day 1

Miraculously, we had a perfect run down to Cornwall today without a single traffic jam. As a result, we got here in plenty of time to go down to explore the local coast line, have a paddle and spend time relaxing (or playing football) on the local beach. The weather was beautifully sunny; we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that it stays with us for the rest of the week!

Day 2

Today the weather exceeded the forecast once again and we enjoyed plenty of sun. In the morning, the girls took on the challenge of coasteering and loved the highest jump so much that they went around for a second jump. No swell or cliff edge was too much for them; they have set the bar high for the boys tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, the boys spent the morning surfing and Pete (Head Instructor at KingSurf) was really impressed with how quickly they all managed to catch waves. By the end of the morning everyone had stood up on the board at least once! After lunch and relaxing on the beach, the girls and boys were reunited for a joint surf lesson in the sunshine and the girls were just as impressive. Quote from one of them: “This is the best Activities Week ever!” We are now working up an appetite for dinner by cheering on England in the Euros.

Day 3

The weather was the best that it has been all week with glorious sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. Today, the boys took on coasteering in the morning whilst the girls improved their surfing skills and enjoyed the best waves of the week. Then, in the afternoon both groups combined to catch some even bigger waves. At the beach, they took it upon themselves to dig the biggest hole Mawgan Prth has ever seen and also buried Stephane up to his neck (he was allowed out afterwards!). This evening, we have settled down to watch a surfing film before Cornish pasties for dinner.

Day 4

We had an amazing last day of surfing with one last opportunity to hone our skills in the morning followed by an afternoon of games (including a raft run and raft wars) followed by surfing competitions in the afternoon. Prizes went to Georgia for most improved surfer; Stephane for best (wackiest) dress sense (he wore a wreath and scarf made of seaweed for the entirety of the competition; Marnie for most unique style (surfing adopting the Christ the Redeemer pose whilst catching the longest wave of the day); Freiderikos for biggest “Frother” (that’s surfer talk for the one who embraces the surfer vies the most, tries to catch every wave and showed the most passion); and Leo took the coveted Overall Best Surfer award. Then, in the evening we went to the beach for one last time for a beach football tournament followed by dinner and a quiz.

Day 5

As we pack to set off home after an amazing, sunny week of surfing and coasteering we look back fondly on our time in Mawgan Porth.

Here are some pics from last night’s beach football tournament and the incredible sunset that we could see from the hotel last night.

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