Sailing in Scotland

Day 5 – Thursday 4 July

We are really excited to have got a dry bag and are finally able to take some photos out on the water!

The Wayfarer sailors showed some real flair, whilst the Dart sailors were flying ‘out on the wire’ (harnessed up on the trapeze).

The quiz evening got a bit intense and we’ve included a bonus random puppy pic for fun!

Day 4 – Wednesday 3 July

Once again, very few pictures of us actually sailing….

It was much calmer day on the water today, steady 10-12 knots. We did some successful spinnaker work with zero capsizes – things are looking up!

We sailed all the way from Cumbrae to the main town of Largs and were rewarded by a trip to the famous Nardinis ice cream shop followed by a cycle around the whole island, with a break for a quick game of rounders.

Some snippets overheard today:

-“My ancestral homeland calls for me, with its cows, and its ferns and the wonderful one way road round the island!”

-“Hang on a minute!” (Mr White upon realising that his boat that he had left on the beach had started sailing away on its own – followed by a mad dash and a dive to catch it!

-“I thought it was optional.” [the cycle ride] (Anonymous student lying in his bed, 2 seconds before the bus was leaving to take us to town)

Day 3 – Tuesday 2 July

We had some great sailing today, with much steadier wind and far less swimming! There was excellent progress across the board in the novice group.

Later in the day we had a trip on the ferry to the Inverclyde National Sports Centre, where the Scots train their Olympians. We played badminton, working up an appetite for our fish and chips for dinner at the award winning Fish Works – delicious!

Day 2 – Monday 1 July

Very limited wifi reception on the Isle of Cumbrae (population around 1000) means it is painfully slow to send photos, but here are a handful.

We had a safe arrival on Sunday on the penultimate ferry of the day, and a lovely sunny first day on Monday. There was loads of wind coupled with lots of unplanned swimming and capsize practice!

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