Ireland surf & turf

Day 5 – Friday 5 July

After a lot of fun and learning of new skills, we head off on the bus, back to Shannon airport.

Day 4 – Thursday 4 July

A fantastic last day – we took a trip to Westport where we rode horses around quiet residential roads. We then wandered around the town centre to buy gifts and have lunch. In the evening we had a fun BBQ dinner on a boat that took us through the fjord that we visited on the ‘lost valley’ tour. The scenery was amazing!

Day 3 – Wednesday 3 July

We took a short coach ride to the ‘lost valley’, where Gerrard took us through his land and taught us about the history of the local area, told us Gaelic mythology stories, walked us through the magical old forest, and gave us a demo of sheep herding and shearing. We also got to feed some lambs with milk. Gerrard also showed us a 6000-year-old bog tree stump! In the afternoon we went back to the beach for more surfing!

Day 2 – Tuesday 2 July

We arrived at the beach with our wetsuits ready to go! After getting changed we took our surfboards to the beach and the instructors taught us how to be safe whilst surfing. Then he taught us how to stand up after we had caught a wave and how to jump off safely. After this, we all ran into the water, surfboards in hand, and began to surf. The first attempt at standing up was challenging but the instructors helped us with unfailing patience! Eventually, as we practiced, everyone stood up at least once and it was getting easier and easier each time. We all had a great time whilst surfing and cannot wait to do it again tomorrow!

Day 1 – Monday 1 July

We arrived at Shannon airport and took a long coach journey to Delphi adventure centre. After the introduction, we got cozy in our rooms – discovering that the wifi connection was pretty terrible (hence the lateness of this blog post). In the early evening we went on a small hike through a trail by the mountain. We enjoyed the beautiful Irish countryside, even catching sight of a few frogs! After dinner we played bingo with the teachers and ate cookies before going to bed!

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