Cuisine & culture in Paris

Day 4 – Thursday 4 July

Another awesome day in central Paris! Cooking, biking tour, a boat trip and a lovely evening meal in the Latin quarter to finish off the trip on a high!

Day 3 – Wednesday 3 July

What a day in Paris! The group was split in half, with half the group attending a French cooking course where they prepared, cooked and ate a typical three course French meal. The other half went on a bike tour around the landmarks of Paris, trying some delicious patisseries en route!

Day 2 – Tuesday 2 July

Day two in Paris and the sun is shining. The students completed a ready steady cook challenge where they bought Ingredients from a very rustic and traditional market using their finest linguistic skills. Very edible creations were prepared, even better than the teachers’ efforts!

In the afternoon we visited a wonderful snail farm after taking a dip in the centre’s inviting pool. Now off to bed after an evening of cheese tasting and quizzing.

Day 1 – Monday 1 July

We arrived safely at Château Grande Romaine after a smooth but quite long coach journey.

After dinner the students did some team building exercises, including coming up with a device that could prevent a water balloon from bursting when dropped from the third floor of the Château!


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