Cook, Eat, Repeat

On Day 1 the team headed to Wandsworth to the Avenue Cooking School. The menu for the day was the roast dinner followed by a raspberry tart.  Head Chef, Hannah, walked the student through each step of how to make the roast, which they then  followed. Once they had finished and cleaned the tables it was time to eat! The food was ‘exuberantly flavoursome’ and enjoyed by all.  


The next day they were cooking pizzas in London’s West End. They started off making the dough by rigorously kneading it. Then made a sauce to put on, added the toppings and then it was time for the oven. They also created a fruit salad to go with it, consisting of bananas, apples and strawberries. 


Wednesday was home to the fantastic, gastronomic experience of making ice cream from scratch (as well as honeycomb for crunch…). They then returned to School to cook in our the School’s kitchens! Making fajitas practicing the cooking skills they had learned so far in the week. 

On Thursday they went to Covent Garden for a chocolate experience (as well as an interactive tasting experience) and in the afternoon went to Borough Market. 

The week culminated in a trip to the School of Wok on Friday. Most of the ingredients are flown straight from Thailand and this included ingredients such as lemongrass and Thai shallots. They made Fishcakes (or sweet-potato cakes), pat thai and dumplings.

Students then worked on their own recipe books, a aide memoire to the Activities Week trips.


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