Entrepreneurship Initiative to raise money for Inspiring Minds Bursary Appeal

Latymer Upper School’s Careers Department, in conjunction with the Latymer Foundation, have launched a new entrepreneurship initiative for Year 10 pupils. The ‘Grow-a-Tenner’ Challenge kicked off with a launch event on 6 June and will conclude with a ‘winners assembly’ on 5 July 

The objective of the challenge is for the students to take a seed investment of £10 and from that develop, produce and sell a product, seeing how much they can make within a month. Products will be sold through the Latymer Foundation’s website with all monies donated to the Inspiring Minds campaign. The winning teams – those that have made the most money, as well as those who have impressed the judges with their creativity and entrepreneurship, will be announced during an assembly on 5 July.

Attending the launch event on 6 June were two leading entrepreneurs and Latymer parents Oliver Wooley and Deepali Nangia, who shared their career insights and answered questions from pupils. During the month, teams will also have a one-off mentoring session with Shaazim Khamissa, founder of the Hello Group and a Latymer Prep Parent. Oliver, Deepali and Shaazim will be judging the challengers. Shaazim will also attend the winner’s assembly on 5 July to hand out the prizes.

Students have been asked to form a team within their tutor group to work on this challenge together.  “This is the first time we have run this challenge at Latymer Upper School,” said Chris Couch, Head of Careers.  “The overarching objective is to provide our Year 10 students with an experiential learning challenge. This is a great opportunity for them to work collaboratively and use their critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills to create, deliver and sell a product.”

Author: carolineroberts

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