Chess Master Moves to Upper School

Chess continues to be one of the most popular clubs in the school, and we maintain our place as the largest school club in the UK on

In December, we took second place in the round 2 qualifiers for the U19 National Schools Championships, and we will be moving to the Regional Finals in Spring term. 

We are pleased to announce that Chess Master, Tony Niccoli, will be joining the Upper School Chess Community. Master Niccoli has been a full time chess coach for 16 years and has produced many England players and national title winning school teams.  He has been at the Prep school for a number of years building a highly successful coaching programme there.  

As well as weekly structured lessons focused on improving their game, students will also be able to join Master Niccoli’s online community, and enjoy free access to regular tournaments and special events.

Author: carolineroberts

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