Bronze, Silver and Gold for Latymerians in prestigious Physics Challenge

Congratulations to the 18 Y12 students who took part in the Senior Physics Challenge this year. There have been some truly excellent scores with 6 Bronze – Pluto, Jaime, Balthazar, Saskia, Hamza and Hugh – 2 Silver – Sam and Ellie (who were in the top 19% of those who sat the paper) – and 4 Golds (in the top 9%) Ed, Daniel, Sofia and Leo.

The Senior Physics Challenge for Year 12 students is an exciting opportunity for students to stretch their problem solving skills and apply fundamental physical principles to novel situations. Over 6,000 students take part in the competition each year. Students have to take a one-hour paper that provides an excellent tool to assess and challenge students’ ability to work at a high level in Key Stage 5 and beyond. It consists of several short questions followed by one or two longer questions that test only core subject knowledge and application. 

“The whole department is absolutely thrilled as these are superb results and in such a prestigious competition,” said Mr Birchmore, Head of Physics. “With lockdown it’s been a few years since we’ve had the chance to do this, so when these students said they wanted to take part I was delighted; for them to have then done so well, I am simply over the moon!” 

Author: carolineroberts

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