Latymer’s 400th: A stunning new sculpture by Jane Clarke

Latymer’s 400th: Stunning new sculpture by Jane Clarke

‘Breath’, a new sculpture by art teacher Jane Clarke has now been installed in the school Chapel. It is a celebration of Latymer’s 400th year. 

‘Breath’. 2023 – 24. Spray painted steel. H  91.5 x W  245 x D  2.5cm

Jane Clarke says of her sculpture and the creation of it:

“It is an honour to make a sculpture for a sacred place. I was delighted to be given an opportunity to do so by Greg Cook, the school Chaplain.” Clarke goes onto say, “this is the first site specific sculpture that I have made. The genesis of it is based upon the symbolic message of an olive tree. It is one of friendship and reconciliation, cleansing and healing, light, victory and richness. Above all it is a sign of peace.”

Clarke says of her sculpture: “Greg Cook was keen on the ‘olive tree’ representation to be sympathetic with the stain glass windows within the Chapel. The steel linear drawn imagery, as well as the iridescent colour shift sprayed surface compliments the windows colour glass and lead structure. The changing play of light on the sculpture through the Chapel windows at various times of day, transforms the colour from green to blues and purples.”

The positioning of the sculpture, opposite the Chapel door, welcomes the visitor into the space. It also connects the various aspects within the Chapel.”

School Chaplain Greg Cook  says of this 400th Latymer sculpture by Clarke: “Breath is a beautiful olive tree, which not only is sacred to many faiths, but is a reminder of peace at a time when our world is longing for hope. It is history in the making, and a physical marker of our 400th year for decades to come.”



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