Best ever results for Latymerians at Chemistry Olympiad 2023

All 28 students from Latymer who entered the 2023 Chemistry Olympiad achieved a gold, silver or bronze award, the best ever results for the School. 

Last year one student from Latymer achieved gold, this year there were five! Congratulations to Quyll, Kim, Matilda, Sofia and Cleo who came in the top 9% of the 11,800+ people in the competition, to take gold – a fantastic achievement. 

Daniel, Pravin, Jody, Ishaan, Max, Peter, Tej, Arez and Danae all came in the top 33% to take Silver. Zaal, Chase, Charlotte, Arielle, Marianna, Leo, Lorenzo, Claire, Justine, Dane, Philip, Nisan, Isobel, Lily achieving Bronze. 

“It’s been the best results the School has ever had in this competition,” said Mr Paul of Latymer’s Chemistry Department. “The UK Chemistry Olympiad is the leading chemistry competition for secondary students across the British Isles. It is a tough competition designed to challenge and inspire, and is a unique opportunity for students to push themselves further and excel in the chemistry field. They all did amazingly well with every single one of them achieving a medal. An outstanding achievement.”

Author: carolineroberts

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