Announcing School Captains and Vice Captains at Latymer Upper School

Today we announced our new 2024/5 Lower Sixth Form School Captains and Vice Captains at Latymer Upper School. 

The Head, School Captains and Vice Captains

Hugest congratulations go to Towi and Paddy (School Captains) and to Alfonso and Jimena (School Vice Captains) after some stellar campaign videos gained them the winning votes.

We also said a farewell to our previous Captains and their vices, Sophia, Yuv, Jack and Dash.  

Our new Captains were given some wonderful words of wisdom from their previous incumbents, which we think can apply to life in general! Thank you to them all for their amazingly hard work in helping to run the school.

Here’s what our former Captains had to say to the incoming cohort: 

Sophia – Captain

“I’d say don’t be afraid to delegate and feel free to ask for help if you need it.”

Yuv – Captain

“Just a piece of advice for the incoming school captains. For me it’s just to  buckle up. It’s an amazingly fun journey but you’re going to have a lot of work on your plate.”

Jack – Vice Captain

“I’d say just be confident. You’ve been voted in by the school so it’s just important to have as much fun as possible with it. “

Dash – Vice Captain 

“Even though it’s hard work it’s super rewarding and super fun. So enjoy it!”

Good luck to them all. 

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