This Week Ahead


  1. Wednesday

    Wednesday 22 November

    1. 14:30Football 1st XI vs Alleyn's School
    2. 14:30Football Boys-U18B vs Alleyn's School
    3. 14:30Football Boys-U18C vs Alleyn's School
    4. 14:30Football Boys-U18D vs Alleyn's School
    5. 14:30Football Boys-U18E vs Alleyn's School
    6. 14:30Hockey 1st XI vs King's College School (KCS), Wimbledon
    7. 14:30Netball 1st VII vs Wycombe Abbey School
    8. 15:00Netball 3rd VII vs Kew House School Girls-U18A
    9. 15:00Netball 4th VII vs Kew House School Girls-U18B
  2. Thursday

    Thursday 23 November

    1. 14:30CANCELLED Rugby Union U14B vs The Cardinal Wiseman School
    2. 16:15Swimming Boys-U12A vs Wetherby Preparatory School
    3. 16:15Swimming Boys-U13A vs Wetherby Preparatory School
    4. 16:30Swimming Mixed-U12A vs St Paul's School
    5. 16:30Swimming Mixed-U13A vs St Paul's School
  3. Friday

    Friday 24 November

    1. 18:30Rugby Union 1st XV vs Emanuel School
  4. Saturday

    Saturday 25 November

    1. 09:00Hockey U12A vs St Benedict's School, Ealing
    2. 09:00Hockey U12B vs St Benedict's School, Ealing
    3. 09:00Hockey U13A vs St Benedict's School, Ealing
    4. 09:00Hockey U13B vs St Benedict's School, Ealing
    5. 09:00Hockey U13C vs St Benedict's School, Ealing
    6. 09:00Hockey U14A vs St Benedict's School, Ealing
    7. 09:30CANCELLED Rugby Union U12D vs Emanuel School
    8. 09:30CANCELLED Rugby Union U12E vs Emanuel School
    9. 09:30Football 1st XI vs Ibstock Place School
    10. 09:30Football Boys-U18B vs Ibstock Place School
    11. 09:30Football Boys-U18C vs Ibstock Place School
    12. 09:30Rugby Union U12A vs Emanuel School
    13. 09:30Rugby Union U12B vs Emanuel School
    14. 09:30Rugby Union U12C vs Emanuel School
    15. 09:30Rugby Union U13A vs Emanuel School
    16. 09:30Rugby Union U13B vs Emanuel School
    17. 09:30Rugby Union U13C vs Emanuel School
    18. 10:00Hockey 2nd XI vs St Benedict's School, Ealing
    19. 10:00Hockey U15A vs St Benedict's School, Ealing
    20. 10:30CANCELLED Rugby Union U14C vs Emanuel School
    21. 10:30Rugby Union 2nd XV vs Emanuel School
    22. 10:30Rugby Union U14A vs Emanuel School
    23. 10:30Rugby Union U14B vs Emanuel School
    24. 10:30Rugby Union U15A vs Emanuel School
    25. 10:30Rugby Union U15B vs Emanuel School
    26. 11:00Hockey 1st XI vs St Benedict's School, Ealing
    27. 12:00*Timings tbc. Rowing Hampton Small Boats Head- Senior Boys & Girls, J15 Boys & Girls
  5. Sunday

    Sunday 26 November

    1. 12:00*Timings tbc. Rowing Wallingford 4's & 8's Head. Senior boys & girls, J15 Boys and Girls.

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