The NHS - a burning issue

The JS Mill Society is always interested to hear the counter-argument to any discussion and as a rebuttal to our last speaker on the NHS, Kate Andrews, we were delighted to welcome Professor Colin Pritchard to present the merits of the current system.

Professor Pritchard argued that one of the best ways to demonstrate the success of the system is to measure spending versus mortality rates. He demonstrated the efficiency of the NHS by showing that the percentage of GDP spending on health care in the UK is the lowest of any OECD countries. At the same time, he used data to show that the UK has reduced its mortality rates relatively well. 

Professor Pritchard discussed the challenges that are facing Western Societies as a result of a growing elderly population and people living longer. He warned that the medical budget would need a 2-3% increase year on year to deal with the challenges and maintain a good quality of life for all.

It was an impassioned defence of our current system of medical care whilst throwing a light on some thought provoking issues facing our society as a whole.

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