(registration for 2019 entry will open spring 2018)

Admission to Latymer Upper School at 11+ (Year 7) is through competitive exams and those pupils who do well are invited back for an interview.

All pupils who are registered prior to the deadline will be invited to sit the written examination which covers English and Maths. 

The Entrance Exam is normally held on a Tuesday in mid January, here at Latymer Upper School. The interviews are usually scheduled for a Saturday in late January or early February. Interviews cover questions of an academic nature as well as general questions to discover more about the child and their interests. 

Offer letters are sent out in mid-February and families have approximately two weeks to accept or refuse Latymer's offer of admission. Those who accept the offer will be asked to confirm that they have not accepted an offer from another school and to return a non-refundable £1,000 confirmation deposit.

Please give the Admissions Office a call on 020 7993 0063 if you have any questions.Catriona Sutherland-Hawes

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