Bursary Guidance

  1. Latymer Upper School reserves the right to seek any other documentary evidence in support of the income and asset figures submitted and to make any enquiries, which it deems necessary.
  2. Latymer Upper School is registered with the ICO in accordance General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

    Where a child has two parents, both must complete the form. If parents are separated or divorced before or while their child attends the School, both parents  will still be required to complete and sign the Application Form.

    1. The gross amount of salaries and wages, including any earnings from profit related pay, part-time employment and any sum received as bonus, commissions etc. statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay.
    2. Profits from a business or profession – at the amount of gross income declared to HMRC for the year in question.
    3. Benefits in kind (free or subsidised housing, meals or cars etc.) at the amount agreed for tax purposes. All amounts should be entered as the annual amount.
    4. Where a parent is required by a Court order or a legally binding separation agreement (e.g. Deed of Separation) to pay part of the school fees, then only that part of the fee which is not covered by the Court order/agreement will be used to calculate the grant to be awarded. This is irrespective of whether or not the order or agreement is being complied with. Where the whole amount of the fees are required to be paid by virtue of a Court order or separation agreement applications are not eligible for a grant. You should indicate how many years are payable and any annual variations. All receipts related to maintenance payments, separation allowances and sums in respect of Child Support maintenance must be declared.
    5. Contribution to household income from other parties for example someone else living in the household or a grandparent is contributing towards the household income.
    6. All Social Security benefits received should be declared, and any type of benefit specified.
    7. Building Society interest must be disclosed as being the gross amount received. All other investment income (.e.g. Interest or National Savings Bank deposits; dividends, annuities) should be entered gross of tax. If tax was deducted at source, parents should add in the amount of tax paid or tax credit notified.
    In addition to taking account of all relevant sources of income the School takes account of the following assets.

    1. The current market value of principal residence. We only require an estimate and can be determined by using a property website such as Zoopla to give an indication of the value of similar properties.
    2. In the case of second homes and or other properties these should also be included at your estimated current market value.
    3. The capital sum of any monies on deposit with any bank, deposit taker or building society, investments in stocks and shares, valued as near as possible to the date of submitting the application form. Shares in a company not listed on a stock exchange should be valued at the relevant proportion of the net value of the company.
    4. If you run your own business or are partners in a business then you must show the value of the business.
    1. You should list all dependent children. If you have more than 4 children, please include additional children in the Remarks field.
    2. Where the child has any unearned income e.g. interest from National Savings, bank or building society deposits or receives share dividends, you should enter the source of income and the gross amount received before the deduction of tax. Do not include any children’s’ income from part-time employment or student grants.
    If you qualify for a Carer’s Allowance, or have an aged grandparent or relative living with you or dependent upon you, please provide details including age, address, condition etc.
    Please enter any details which may affect the assessment of a grant, e.g. a significant change in income or outgoings for the coming year.
  9. The School respects the confidentiality of bursary awards made to families, and recipients are expected to do likewise.

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