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Today’s Latymerians confront very different career challenges to those faced by the first pupils to Latymer Upper School almost 400 years ago. The extraordinary developments in technology will inevitably have an effect on the more traditional professions, with the notion of a ‘job for life’ fast becoming a thing of the past. In a rapidly changing world it will be how well our pupils are able to adapt and learn - as much as what they know - that will hold them in good stead for the future.

A few months ago David Goodhew and legendary musician, and Latymer parent, Peter Gabriel discussed a subject close to their hearts – 21st century learning. Peter, who is heavily involved in MIT’s Media Think Lab, shares David’s belief that it’s crucial for today’s students to develop creative and flexible approaches to problem solving and innovation. From this conversation, our ‘Think Out Of The Box’ project was born.

The ambition is this: Latymer plans to celebrate those who think out of the box to reach their goals. We’ll be inviting ‘big thinkers’ to film short talks about their ground breaking ideas. The series of films will then be shared (initially on the School’s website) to inspire and engage the online community from around the world.

Peter kicks off the series, introducing a fascinating talk from top neuroscientist Mary Lou Jepsen on the new technologies she’s helping to develop that will one day read people’s thoughts.

We aim to add more great ‘Think Out Of The Box’ talks to this site, so watch this space!

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