Graham Brady MP speaks at JS Mill Society

Graham Brady is currently the Conservative MP for Altrincham and Sale West, having held his post since 1997. He was deemed by the Financial Times as ‘the most important MP you’ve never heard of’ as he now chairs the Conservative party backbench 1922 Committee. Mr Brady has also served as a Shadow Minister for Europe under four Conservative leaders, before resigning in 2007 and was voted ‘Backbencher of the Year’ by

Mr Brady addressed many contemporary political issues in his articulate talk at JS Mill (24 Sept) such as the effect of the 2010 Coalition on the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. He claimed that the impact on the Lib Dems was far more damaging as they were associated with and tied down to unpopular policies, which reflected badly on their party and lowered the public’s opinion of them as a result. He believes this to be one of the contributing factors to their annihilation in this year’s General Election. However, the Conservatives also felt as though they were not listened to despite the majority they held within the coalition. He also stated that although the Conservatives now have an actual majority within the House of Commons, his party needs to remember that it is a very small majority as they garnered only 37% of the national vote. Mr Brady went on to argue that the Conservative Party’s victory in the recent General Election was mainly due to the electorate’s fears of a Labour/SNP coalition.

Mr Brady continued his speech by commenting on the recent election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, who he considered to be an honest man, able to communicate his vision directly and successfully to his voters. However, Mr Brady bluntly stated that he has never seen the Labour party so divided as his fellow Labour MP peers are still shell-shocked by the outcome of the election. Mr Brady also mentioned the upcoming EU Referendum, which he stated he is grateful for, being anti the EU, and having observed the divide within his party on the controversial matter.

Finally, Mr Brady touched on the interesting topic of what he deemed to be a ‘system geared towards political corruption’. He declared that in order to become a successful and influential MP one must adhere to the party line and thus succumb to the overwhelming pressure of the party whips despite personal ethical or political beliefs. Mr Brady revealed his passion for the topic, which he hopes in future, will change and rid the system of ‘career politicians’.

(Review by Tara Matharu, Sixth Form)

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