Anonymous Art Sale

Anonymous Art Sale – 6PM Wednesday 3 May – Atrium & Dining Hall

The 6th annual Anonymous Art Sale is taking place on May 3rd, with all proceeds from the sale going to support the Horizon Fund

All artworks are for sale at £40 each with 50% going to the artist (unless they choose to donate it all to the Horizon Fund). It’s a great chance for budding painters, illustrators and photographers to have their work hung alongside established artists (past contributors have included Sir Peter Blake and Anita Klein), possibly make some money and help support the Horizon Fund!

The Horizon Fund provides grants to any pupils who, for ?nancial reasons, would not otherwise be able to take part in educational or curriculum based trips, such as sports tours, field trips and Activities Week. Inclusion is a fundamental part of Latymer life and the Horizon Fund plays a key role in making this a reality.

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