The impact of immigration on the UK

The refugees in Calais, Paris, and the impact of immigration on the UK from a moral, humanitarian and economic perspective

JS Mill Society welcomed two of Latymer's own teachers, Mr Wallace, Head of Economics and Miss Lathan, Teacher of Classics, in December to give a fascinating, and at times eye opening, talk about immigration and the reality of what is happening in Calais.

Opening with an economic breakdown of what immigration means for the UK economy, Mr Wallace discussed the many positive effects immigration can have, countering some of the misconceptions people believe about the subject. The focus was then passed to Miss Lathan, who herself had recently returned from Calais’, ‘jungle’. After taking supplies to the refugees, she had plenty of photos to share which illustrated life in the camps. Although the camps lack sanitation, and fires are often seen spreading across large areas of the camps, some aspects of life are still relatively similar to our own. People still own smartphones, attend Church or Mosque (built out of tarpaulin) - there are hotels, restaurants and shops there too. 

This week's JS Mill society about immigration and life in the refugee camps of Calais was really engaging.

Review by Joanna Tilley

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