Simon Hix discusses the EU with JS Mill Society

March 3, 2016

Professor Simon Hix from the LSE is one of the UK's leading authorities on the EU. He talks to the JS Mill Society about the forthcoming referendum.

This Thursday JS Mill Society kicked off the referendum debate with Professor Simon Hix from the London School of Economics who assessed both the economic and political arguments on both sides, though there was significant overlap.

Hix pointed out the aspects of a possible Swiss-Norwegian relationship between the UK and the EU in the event of a Brexit, for example, as these countries are not in the EU Financial Services Passport. Hix also discussed the possible outcome, which in his opinion would be extremely close. He concluded by saying that he thought the 'Remain' campaign could only win if they harnessed some emotional feeling as well as economic thought, giving the example of Nicola Sturgeon's enthusiastic recent defence of the EU.

Review by Tristan Pahl

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