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Bounce Week 2018 - Day 5

Bounce Week 2018 - Day 5

The last day of what has been a fantastic Bounce week - one sixth form student was overheard to say it was the best Bounce week ever!

The highlight of the day, and perhaps the whole week, has to be 'Dance Marshall' which took place at lunchtime in the Sports Centre. A number of teachers, non-teaching staff and Sixth Form students donned their trainers to 'throw some shapes' as the danced along with The Fitness Marshall's video. This activity seemed to embody most of the elements of Bounce Week and the participants all headed off to start the afternoon full of energy and, dare I say, bounce....?

At break this morning, some of the year 9 students went out for some fresh air and litter picking in Ravenscourt Park. It looked pretty spotless after a week of tidying.

Students from year 7 took a stroll along the river with the Peer Mentoring team. This 'Head Space' walk was a chance for students to stretch their legs, connect with Peer Mentors and clear their heads.

Throughout the week, pupils from year 10 have been helping out in the Prep school with various lessons, from learning about volcanoes, teaching some 'stress busting' techniques, to helping in computer classes.

When they weren't in the Prep school, some of the year 10 students were making finger painting pictures.

Bounce Week 2018 - Day 4

The big event today was the Quiz! Taking place at lunch time in the Main Hall, nine teams were assembled, each with a combination of year groups. Quiz masters Flynn, Rudi and Tamsin had put together questions ranging across a number of subjects, including geography, general knowledge and music.
The winning team was 'Team McGovern' and four teams tied for third place.

Congratulations to Team McGovern - quiz winners!

Earlier in the day we found a couple of students taking advantage of the 'Deliberate Rest' napping opportunity in Room 42. According to Alex Pang in his book "Rest", a short, prophylactic nap can reap the same benefits as 105mg of caffeine (or two cups of coffee)! The challenge is to consider a piece of your work, a creative project or essay and think about it whilst nodding off to sleep... you wake up and start the essay, and it is claimed you will be more creative....Let us know if this worked for you.

Bounce Week 2018 - Day 3

Much activity at break and lunchtime today; pupils let off steam in the sports centre and had fun on space-hoppers, took part in a bouldering competition and table tennis tournament (also, in some cases conducted on space-hoppers!).  

A bracing game of football took place in the north playground

Yr 7 had fun designing their own Greek vases

Bounce Week 2018 - Day 2

Today has been all about singing and dancing, and we have uncovered some fantastic talent at Latymer!
The Year 7s took part in a silent disco in the Sports Centre during lunch break, singing and dancing to their favourite tunes.

Meanwhile at 'Latitude' in the Main Hall, Latymerians across all age groups were demonstrating some amazing musical talents, performing individually and in groups, some assembled more hastily than others. Some even sang songs they had composed themselves. There was strong support for all the acts with the audience singing and clapping along.
There were so many students wanting to take part that some will need to wait until the next 'Latitude' festival for their moment of fame. 
Well done to Georgina Seal (Upper Sixth) for organising such an uplifting event.

School Chaplain, Mr Cook, demonstrated a hidden talent

BOUNCE Week - Day 1

BOUNCE Week - Day 1


BOUNCE week is underway - even the miserable weather didn't deter pupils' enthusiasm or dampen spirits! As a school, we're always mindful of nurturing a positive attitude. During BOUNCE week we focus in particular on the habits of positive well-being and good mental health. Lots of events are planned across this week, from talks on nutrition from experts in the field to the many pupil-led fun activities. Today's included; litter picking in the park, girls' football and cricket, running club and some colourful displays around the School. Peer Mentors held a 'Chalk and Talk' event during break and lunch. All pupils were invited to come and cover the playground in colour! It was great to see so many different groups of students mixing and getting involved (despite the wet weather!).

Bounce Week 2018

Latymer Upper School is looking forward to next week's Bounce Week - a week in which the whole school gives special focus on wellbeing and good mental health.  As Annette Funicello said:  'Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful.'

Bounce - Day 4

Bounce Day 4!  Today saw some great activities: 

From paper bird making.... cooking bugs..!

and from an energetic hop around the sports centre.... 

to the more sedate pastime of letter writing to our partner school in Uganda 

The theme of Bounce week offered us the opportunity to discuss Roberto Benigni's film La vita è bella - a film about the resilience of a father who, with his son, lived under the extreme conditions of a concentration camp. 

Benigni’s film shows the strength of character of the father who protects his son from the nightmare of the imprisonment. Guido, an Italian-Jew deported to the camp with his family, makes his son, Giosuè, believe that they are all involved in an absurd game, the final prize of which is a tank. Thus, he keeps him distracted from the horrors of the camp and living in a sort of fairy tale. It's a very moving story where the love of a Father overcomes the horrors of the war and shows the beauty and the tenacity of life, even in the most distressful conditions. The film inspired a discussion on the wonder of life and the resilience of love.


Y8 connecting with Y10 in a cross-year group chemistry lesson

And here’s L6S having a walk in the park during registration – Exercise!


Day 2 of BOUNCE week kicked off with some scrumptious, if slightly ghoulish, cakes, courtesy of the Biology Bake Off!

 .... the Library was the scene of a silent disco...


and the Director of Sport, Mr Gill, enjoyed bouncing a few table tennis balls in the sports centre!


BOUNCE week is back at Latymer Upper School! Today marks the start of a week packed full of events and activities! The week runs from Monday 10 - Friday 14 October.  

The phrase Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful'  remains at the heart of our initiative, the aim of which is to highlight the School's continued work in developing self-reliance in all Latymerians.

As BOUNCE organiser Amy Sellars Assist. Head, Lower School explains:  "Pastoral care has always been taken very seriously at Latymer Upper School. BOUNCE week gives us the chance to share thoughts and advice on developing personal resilience. It's clear that adopting strategies which relieve stress and support one's own emotional well-being and mental health is a vital part of life in the twenty-first century. We aim to arm our pupils with practical coping mechanisms that will stay with them during their school years and beyond."

Monday morning started with busking in the main corridor..

Year 11 play Kahoot - 3 rounds of 10 questions: general knowledge, picture round and a Latymer round. This question was 'what year was Latymer founded?' Lots of fun had by all.

BOUNCE - Day 5

High Five Netball Challenge 

The final day of Bounce Week got off to an energetic start with the Upper Sixth Netball Challenge as the girls put the boys through their paces.

Putting a spring into our step

First break - and in contrast to the cold and grey November day - Spring arrived in the dining hall as year 7, 8 and 9 artists turned their talents to uplifting our spirits with some amazing art.

The big finale of Bounce week was..   a silent disco

Students brought their headphones, a music device and themselves! 

Strange as it may sound here are some reasons why this is the ultimate BOUNCE activity…

B – Use your brainto create the ultimate playlist
O – There is nothing quite like a good dance to make you feel more optimistic
U – forget all your worries and unwind as you embrace the music
N – Drink lots of water and eat those nutritious carbohydrates to keep you going (a bit tenuous I realise)
C – Connect with new people and appreciate others for their fancy footwork
E – 45 minutes of dancing (exercise) will get that heart pumping, the body moving and release those all important feel good endorphins. 

There was serious busting of moves from staff and and students alike. Everyone brought their own music - and spare headphones were on hand if needed.

In the meantime in the drama department students in 9R were creating some wonderful Abstract Theatre exploring the themes of Brain and exercise.

Busking it ...

And students continued to enjoy the buskers in the main corridor who have kept us entertained throughout Bounce Week.

BOUNCE - Day 4

....some enjoyed a nutritious breakfast at School

The weather didn't dampen spirits at Latymer Upper today! Pupils enjoyed various Bounce events which focused on activities relating to:


...others exercised during a lively salsa lesson..

....or some preferred to unwind in a less energetic yoga session

... or connected by sharing their musical talents, busking for fellow pupils

.... many worked on letters and cards for our partners at the the M-Lisada orphanage in Uganda, with the aim that every child would receive a Christmas letter next month.

BOUNCE - Day 3

The day started at Latymer Upper with a focus on the 'E' (for exercise) in BOUNCE

Today is Cycle/walk to School Day and many pupils and staff braved the blustery weather and took to peddle power to travel to and from the School.

Exercise of a muddier kind was enjoyed on the rugby pitch, with the 1st XV connecting as a team to support one another through a tough match.

Later in the afternoon some of our pupils watched Brett: Life with No Arms, the moving documentary on the extraordinary life of Brett Nielson - a musician, record producer and single dad. Brett was born without arms, due to the terrible effects of the Thalidomide drug that was given to some pregnant women in the late 1950s and early '60s. 

As Brett says in the film ; "It doesn't matter what happens in  your life, it matters how you deal with it." This inspiring quote sums up the very spirit of Bounce Week perfectly. 

The documentary, shown on BBC One last month, is a follow-up by BAFTA winning producer Roger Graef, who first filmed Brett as a young child. Pupils were thrilled to learn that Roger had come to Latymer to introduce the film and take a Q&A session on the themes of his documentary.   

BOUNCE - Day 2

Pupils and staff are immersing themselves with great enthusiasm in all Bounce Week activities! Here is a sample of events to be found on today's Bounce menu.

...pupils enjoying a literary treasure hunt 

...busking in the main corridor

...making smoothies with the help of pedal power!

... debating on how 'bounce' strands are used in every-day life 

....appreciating one another through flower power

... staff unwinding, whilst using their combined brainpower to crack the daily crossword!

A note of support from author and former Master of Wellington College, Sir Anthony Seldon

BOUNCE - Day 1

Bounce Week got off to a great start today with pupils enjoying activities designed to encourage self-reliance and resilience.

'Bounce' is an acronym, with each letter standing for a strand that we'll be focussing on throughout this week:


The day kicked off  at the School with the U6 enjoying a nutritious breakfast!  

All pupils and tutors were issued with Bounce journals this morning. The diaries offer tips under each strand heading on how to deal with the ups and downs of life. Students and staff will record their thoughts throughout the week, jotting down anything they already do to help them with resilience, as well as trying out a few of the suggested ideas.  

Welcome to BOUNCE Week!

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.’ 
These wise and wonderful words are at the very heart of Latymer’s BOUNCE Week which begins Monday 16 Nov.

The aim of the week is to highlight the School’s continued work in developing self-reliance and resilience in all Latymerians. Throughout the week the School will be abuzz with activities and inspiring ideas to help pupils cope with life’s more challenging times.

BOUNCE organisers Amy Sellars Assist. Head, Lower School and Sally Markowska, Head of Upper Sixth explain:

“Pastoral care has always been taken very seriously at Latymer Upper School and BOUNCE Week gives us the chance to share thoughts and advice on developing personal resilience.  It is clear that adopting strategies which relieve stress and support one’s own emotional well-being and mental health is a vital part of life in the twenty-first century. We aim to arm our students with practical coping mechanisms that will stay with them during their school years and beyond.”

Follow BOUNCE Week at #LUSbounce

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