Careers & Mentoring

Your Latymerians' Network can help support fellow Latymerians who are about to embark on a new career. Pupils and recent leavers welcome such help now more than ever.

  • Are you looking for help finding a career or to gain experience in a specific field?
  • Can you act as a mentor or give advice about opportunities in your career field to recent leavers or Latymer pupils?
  • Can you take on a volunteer or offer an internship / work experience placement to help pupils or undergraduates enhance their CV?
  • Look out for events which allow networking

Our exciting new platform, Latymer Connects, will aid your networking experience by suggesting mentors and allowing you to connect with those willing to help.

Latymerians may find useful connections by joining our School LinkedIn group, and proudly showing LUS in their own profile entry. 

The Latymerians' Council Careers Task Group helps advise the School on how Latymerians can support the school careers programme. 

Chair: Laurence Hopkins (1992)